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Parliament committee seeks to dismiss four CSC members

Mariyam Malsa
02 March 2020, MVT 11:53
An ongoing meting of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/ MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
02 March 2020, MVT 11:53

The parliament's Committee on Independent Institutions, on Sunday, confirmed its decision to dismiss Civil Service Commission (CSC) president Dr Ali Shameem, vice president Shaheed Mohamed as well as members Zakariyya Hussain and Ibrahim Shaheeq.

A parliamentary vote will be held before the members are formally dismissed from their positions.

Chair of the Committee on Independent Institutions, Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam stated that the decision to dismiss the four members was reached unanimously.

However, only five members from the 12-member committee attended the meeting held on Sunday night and only four were present at the time the vote was cast.

As regulations prohibit the chair from voting in any circumstances except a draw, only three members voted on the matter. The committee's quorum is four members.

In addition to Rozaina, Galolhu South MP Meekail Naseem, Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed, Thinadhoo South MP abdulla Saneef and Keyodhoo MP Hussain Gasim attended the meeting. Meekail was not present when the vote was taken.

During the committee meeting held to discuss the matter, parliamentarians expressed concern over delays in commission proceedings, including the drafting of the commission's framework guidelines and hiring additional staff.

Out of the five CSC members, Fathimath Amira is the only representative not facing the threat of job termination. The long-time contributor to the education sector was appointed to CSC following the change of government in November 2018. Ameera is presently wife to Rozaina's uncle, former Chief of Staff Major General Mohamed Zahir.