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Maldives Law Institute launches iOS app for 'Qaanoonee Radheef'

Ahmed Aiham
25 June 2020, MVT 15:19
An advertisement depicting the IOS application for Judge Husnu Al-Suood's legal dictionary 'Qaanoonee Radheef'. PHOTO: MALDIVES LAW INSTITUTE
Ahmed Aiham
25 June 2020, MVT 15:19

Maldives Law Institute (MLI) on Wednesday, launched the iOS application of its 'Qaanoonee Radheef', the title of which translates as 'Legal Dictionary'.

This recent version of the application is designed solely for use on Apple devices.

It was previously launched for the Android platform, where it is currently available.

The application is a digitized version of the 'Dhivehi Law Dictionary' written by current Supreme Court Justice Husnu Al-Suood, published by Maldives Law Institute in 2008.

Consisting of over 1200 detailed explanations of legal terms in the Dhivehi language, along with their corresponding English terms, the book also contains 'Dhivehi' words and phrases used as business terminology, for banking and other administrative matters.

The book, along with its app for Android users was published by the Institute in June, 2018.

A hardcopy version of the 'Qaanoonee Radheef' costs MVR 200 and is available for sale in most local bookshops.

Judge Suood (pictured left), at the Android launching of the 'Qaanoonee Radheef' application. PHOTO: MIHAARU

Sworn in at the apex court on December 2019, Suood also served as Attorney General of the Maldives from June 2009 to August 2010, and in many other notable roles prior to his cabinet appointment.

In 2010, Suood co-founded the Maldives Law Institute with his nephew, prominent lawyer Mohamed Shahdy Anwar.

Maldives Law Institute aims to further develop the legal system in Maldives by facilitating legal research, publishing research journals and conducting continuing legal education programs for practitioners, judges, academics and law enforcement personnel.

Presently, Maldives Law Institute continues to publish the Maldives Law Review. A peer-reviewed quarterly law journal, it is the first of its kind in the country.