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PG Office appoints new Assistant Prosecutor General

Shahudha Mohamed
03 June 2020, MVT 20:15
Newly appointed Assistant Prosecutor General Abdulla Rabiu. PHOTO: PG OFFICE
Shahudha Mohamed
03 June 2020, MVT 20:15

Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem, on Wednesday, appointed Abdulla Rabiu to the post of Assistant Prosecutor General.

Rabiu, who began his legal career on Febraury 18, 2009 as an Assistant Public Prosecutor at the Prosecutor General's Office, was filling the post of Senior Public Prosecutor prior to his new appointment.

According to the statement released by PG Office, Rabiu is one of the most experienced lawyers currently working at the institution.

Rabiu holds a Masters Degree in Law and has completed training programmes in various areas including forensic sciences, sexual assault investigations and international human rights law.

Moreover, he has represented the state in high profile cases, such as the case against former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb over illegal possession of firearms.

Those filling the post of Assistant PG at the time in addition to Rabiu include lawyers Hussain Naashid, Jihaadha Anees and Shamra Shameem.