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COVID-19: Higher Education Ministry discusses changes to college operations

Rae Munavvar
22 May 2020, MVT 13:08
Ministry of Higher Education held discussions with heads of colleges on ways to navigate teaching and learning, within the new normal. The meeting is the first of a series of talks, intended to shape new educational models. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION
Rae Munavvar
22 May 2020, MVT 13:08

Ministry of Higher Education on Thursday commenced a series of online meetings to discuss changes to college operations, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During Sunday's meeting, heads of colleges voiced the most pressing challenges in facilitating higher education in the wake of the health crisis.

Participants also discussed new measures and preparations that have already been implemented in other educational facilities.

Moreover, they exchanged ideas on ways in which colleges can adaprt and continue to operate within the 'new normal' following the end of the lockdown period.

Minister of Higher Education inquired about efforts made to assure the quality of the education provided, urging all colleges to not let the standards falter.

Further, he expressed hope that the meetings would generate more well-rounded education model that would triumph over the obstacles brought on by such unprecedented times.

Schools, colleges and universities have been shut down in Maldives for over a month, in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19. Few institutions have opted to conduct online classes during this time.

Whilst addressing the public on Wednesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that restrictions posed over public gatherings, particularly those over schools, prayer congregations and food outlets, would ease after the lockdown is brought to a close on May 28.

Presently, Maldives records 1,216 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1108 active cases. The country has reported four fatalities and a total of 91 recoveries till date.