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Special Education Needs children’s artwork on clothes to raise funds

Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 November 2016, MVT 14:50
Special Education Needs children drawing in class at Imaduddin School
Fathmath Shaahunaz
22 November 2016, MVT 14:50

A local fashion designer and television anchor launched a project to raise funds by printing artwork, created by Special Education Needs children studying in Imaduddin School, on garments to sell.

The project founded jointly by fashion designer Naziya Ismail and renowned TV presenter Mariyam Waheeda was inaugurated at the Maldives Travel Awards held last Sunday night at Ollhuveli Beach & Spa Resort by Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO).

An outfit with prints of an artwork created by Special Education Needs children.

Shedding light on the “Artistic Tales of Jewels” project to raise money for Special Education Needs children studying at Imaduddin School’s SEN classes, Mariyam Waheeda described the children as talented and passionate in art, saying that their skills could bring in long term income.

Under the project, Naziya Ismail will print the children’s artwork on garments to create various outfits. The first clothes to be produced will be showcased at a special fashion show scheduled for February 2017.

While renowned names from various industries are to model the clothes, the outfits will be put up for sale to the public after the show.

Mariyam and Naziya are aiming to turn the project into an international venture. All profit and proceeds from the project will go to Imaduddin’s SEN students.

Meanwhile, the students are already creating artwork to be used in the project.

Fashion designer Naziya Ismail (R) and TV presenter Mariyam Waheeda.

“These aren’t simply drawings made by kids, but their perspective of various issues. Their depictions of politics are also very creative,” said Mariyam.

“The garments or outfits available in Male all have common designs. But using these students’ “masterpieces” on clothes will make them something unique and beautiful,” added Naziya.

In addition to the fashion show in coming February, activities of the project will proceed throughout the year.

The two project leaders further assured that they will produce enough clothes to meet demand despite the significant expenses in printing the artwork on garments overseas.