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Ibthihal's murder: final hearing concludes, Aafiya maintains U-turn

Ahmed Aiham
26 February 2020, MVT 19:19
Aafiyaa Mohamed maintained that she did not murder her son, Mohamed Ibthihaal, at the final hearing of her trial held February 26, 2020. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
26 February 2020, MVT 19:19

Aafiyaa Mohamed, mother of the young Mohamed Ibthihal, maintained her stance that she did not kill her son during Wednesday's final hearing at the Criminal Court.

After state prosecutors read the summary statement, Judge Mohamed Sameer offered Aafiya her last defence, in which she claimed that she "did not purposefully harm or murder a child".

She also noted that the postmortem report compiled by the doctors falsified Ibthihal's injuries. "It's all lies", said Aafiyaa.

Aafiyaa, who refused legal representation, made no further statements.

State prosecutors argued that although Aafiyaa retracted her initial confession to murdering her son, her actions will be made invalid due to the nature of the crime. Moreover, Aafiyaa's psychological evaluation indicated that Aafiyaa was acting on her own volition.

When questioned by Judge Sameer over evidence and proof, the state noted that Aafiyaa's crimes were provable beyond all doubt, as per Islamic Shariah.

Judge Sameer scheduled the verdict hearing for March 12.

After months of pleading guilty in court, Aafiyaa took a U-turn during a hearing in late 2018, abruptly claiming that she had been threatened to plead guilty by two people, Abdul Fahthaah and Zareena.

The defendant Aafiyaa Mohamed was arrested after her 3-year-old son was found dead in January 2015 in their home on Raakeedhoo, Vaavu Atoll, with visible injuries on his body. She stands accused of beating Ibthihal to death. In addition to first-degree homicide, Aafiyaa also faces charges over non-compliance.

Aafiyaa had initially confessed to the crime in court and admitted to injuring Ibthihal. Police have video and audio recordings of her gruesome recounting of the day Ibthihal died.