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HPA releases travel advisory for select countries

Mariyam Malsa
23 February 2020, MVT 20:45
A medical team wearing protective outfit awaits to check Iraqi passengers returning from Iran upon their arrival at the Najaf International Airport on February 21, 2020, after Iran announced cases of coronavirus infections in the Islamic republic. (Photo by Haidar HAMDANI / AFP)
Mariyam Malsa
23 February 2020, MVT 20:45

The Health Protection Agency (HPA), on Sunday, issued a travel advisory urging Maldivians to exercise caution while travelling to seven countries.

Released in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, HPA called for greater vigilance by citizens undergoing travel to Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Italy or Iran.

The agency attributed the decision to issue the advisory to the spread of the virus in several South Asian countries with some cases diagnosed in individuals that had not traveled to China where the COVID-19 outbreak originated.

Furthermore, HPA encouraged Maldivians to adhere to the following precautions while travelling:

- Be informed of COVID-19 rates and the region it is reported to be spreading in the country of travel

- Maintain distance from people that have colds

- Frequently wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizer

- If any symptoms such as colds, coughs or fever occur after returning from a trip abroad, remain at home and seek medical advice if symptoms become more severe or do not improve

The new coronavirus which originated in Wuhan City has killed more than 2,400 in China and infected nearly 80,000.