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Dengue cases drop by 72 percent in January: HPA

Shahudha Mohamed
19 February 2020, MVT 13:23
Aedes mosquito, the main vector that transmits viruses that cause dengue. Health Protection Agency (HPA) stated that the number of dengue cases reported this year have greatly decreased. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILE
Shahudha Mohamed
19 February 2020, MVT 13:23

The number of cases of dengue fever decreased from a total of 215 cases in December 2019 to 70 cases reported throughout January 2020, Health Protection Agency (HPA) revealed on Wednesday.

This is a decrease of 72 percent.

According to a press release by the agency, the number of dengue cases reported so far this year are significant lower compared to the records of previous years.

While a total of 70 dengue cases detected during the last week of December, this number was recorded to be 15 in the last week of January.

Although the number of dengue cases saw a dramatic decrease, more patients with common cold and diarrhoea were recorded in the month of January compared to last December, HPA disclosed.

While the numbers for common cold increased from 18,969 to 21,248, a total of 5,397 cases of diarrhoea were recorded in January. This is a slight increase from the 5,288 cases reported in December 2019.

HPA noted that common diseases such as viral fevers, chickenpox and conjunctivitis were recorded at the usual frequency.