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President Solih inaugurates MNDF Commanders Conference 2020

Mariyam Malsa
17 February 2020, MVT 20:18
President Solih speaking at the MNDF Commanders Conference 2020. PHOTO: PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Mariyam Malsa
17 February 2020, MVT 20:18

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Monday, inaugurated the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Commanders Conference 2020.

The three-day conference, attended by MNDF leaders and commanders, aims to foster greater military professionalism and a clearer command philosophy by boosting compatibility, adaptability and decisiveness.

Speaking at the inaugural session held at MNDF Headquarters, the president asserted that the administration's priority is ensuring Maldives' independence and sovereignty.

President Solih mentioned several security challenges faced by the country, notably, the threat of terrorist activities, religious extremism and exacerbated erosion rates due to climate change. He also stated that the armed forced would play a key role in the success of the state's decentralisation policy.

In this regard, he went on to remark on the patriotic duty of the security forces to ensure complete safety and security for Maldivian citizens.

Highlighting the crucial nature of their duties, President Solih guaranteed that the armed forces would be sufficiently equipped and provided with training needed for the development of crucial skills.

Furthermore, the president stressed the necessity for constant training and refresher programmes to retain and enhance such skills.

He urged participants of the conference to utilise the information gained from the three-day event to enhance efforts to combat emerging security threats whilst prioritising the most urgent issues on an internal and global scale.