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Adhuham confesses to taxi driver murder

Mariyam Malsa
13 February 2020, MVT 16:03
PG Office charged Adhuham Mohamed with the murder of taxi driver Gasim Hassan . PHOTO: MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
13 February 2020, MVT 16:03

Adhuham Mohamed, on Wednesday, confessed to the murder of taxi driver, Gasim Hassan, during a hearing held at the Criminal Court.

The man, who also admitted to the crime during the police investigation, requested forgiveness from Gasim's family, stating that he was in a state of inebriation at the time of the incident and that he experienced remorse afterwards.

In response to questions by Criminal Court Judge Ismail Rasheed, Adhuham confirmed that he consumed the substance of his own volition and affirmed that his confession was not made under duress.

The 59-year-old taxi driver was fatally stabbed in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale' on December 4, 2019. He was pronounced dead at 21:50 hrs in Hulhumale' Hospital.

The Prosecutor General's Office charged Adhuham with the murder under the Act Prohibiting ‎Intimidation and Possession of Dangerous Weapons and Sharp ‎Objects on February 9.

As per the act, capital punishment will be imposed on the perpetrator if the family of a murder victim decides on the penalty. If they opt against capital punishment, the defendant will receive a life sentence.

However, even if Gasim's family decided on capital punishment, Adhuham's plea bargain stipulates that he would be imprisoned for a period between six months and 17 years instead of a life sentence.

The Criminal Court is scheduled to reach a verdict on Adhuham within the upcoming week.

In addition to the confession, the state presented evidence against Adhuham including fingerprint and DNA evidence from the murder weapon which was found roughly 300 meters from where Gasim's body was discovered.