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Brexit: Maldives welcomes Johnson's 'dawn of a new era'

Ahmed Aiham
01 February 2020, MVT 15:27
Brexit supporters wave Union flags ans a mask of Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the time reaches 2300 hrs, in Parliament Square, venue for the Leave Means Leave Brexit Celebration in central London on January 31, 2020, the moment that the UK formally left the European Union. - Brexit supporters gathered outside parliament on Friday to cheer Britain's departure from the European Union following three years of epic political drama -- but for others, there were only tears. After 47 years in the European fold, the country leaves the EU with a handful of the most enthusiastic supporters gathering opposite the Houses of Parliament 12 hours before the final countdown. PHOTO: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP
Ahmed Aiham
01 February 2020, MVT 15:27

The government on Saturday, recognized the United Kingdom (UK) and Northern Ireland's decision to withdraw from the European Union (EU) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC).

For the duration of the implementation period which began on Saturday and ends on December 31, Maldives will continue to view the UK as a European Union Member, as per the Withdrawal Agreement signed on January 24, between the EU, EAEC.

The agreement provides a time-limited transition period where Union law is applicable to and in the United Kingdom.

"During the past 54 years, the United Kingdom has been a close traditional friend of the Maldives with our relations stemming from shared values and common interests on numerous important issues", said Foreign Minister of Maldives.

"Maldives will continue to engage closely with the United Kingdom and is confident that the relationship between the two countries will further strengthen in the coming years".

The divorce deal resolved the issue of London's debts, the rights of EU expatriates, the status of Northern Ireland and the transition period.

"You will see the enormous benefits that accrued to both of our nations as a result of this", said the United State's Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, hailing the potential opportunities it creates, during a visit to London on January 30.