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Health Ministry confirms seventh measles case

Mariyam Malsa
28 January 2020, MVT 20:11
A nurse draws a dose of mumps-measles-rubella, or MMR, vaccine. (AP Photo/The Wichita Eagle, Mike Hutmacher, 2006 file)
Mariyam Malsa
28 January 2020, MVT 20:11

The Ministry of Health, on Tuesday, confirmed another case of measles in Maldives, bringing the total to seven cases.

The first case of the measles was announced on January 11, almost two years after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Maldives as one of the first measles-free countries in the South Asia region.

In response to the outbreak, the government has initiated a three-month vaccination campaign, specifically targeting unvaccinated individuals and those who did not receive the second dose of the vaccine, especially those below the age of 25. The measures also include awareness programmes catering to expatriates residing in the country.

Overall vaccines, the ministry revealed that vaccines were administered to 4,025 individuals with 173 vaccinated during the past 24 hours.

Ministry of Health recently declared that arrangements have been made to provide vaccinations up to 200,000 people. India donated 30,000 doses, which were handed over to the Maldivian government on January 23.