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Former President Yameen claims health complications, requests bail

Shahudha Mohamed
28 January 2020, MVT 17:54
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom attending his appeal hearing at High Court. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
28 January 2020, MVT 17:54

Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom claimed in High Court on Tuesday, to be facing health complications that require his departure abroad, seeking further treatment.

Speaking at the appeal hearing held regarding his bail, the former President stated that he faced mental health issues and other medical difficulties while he was under custody prior to his imprisonment.

Yameen alleged as having previously filed complaints about the aforementioned, further stating that his cardiologist, following consultation over heart problems, had advised him to seek treatment abroad.

He asserted that he was already in possession of all the necessary medical forms and documents.

Former President also stated that he recently refrained from travelling abroad for an orthopaedic surgical procedure as he did not want the public to speculate that he fled amidst ongoing hearings at the Criminal Court at the time.

Justifying his wish to be transferred to house arrest, Yameen added that being imprisoned posed challenges in acquiring the money needed to pay off the USD 5 million fine imposed on him by the state.

Moreover, the former President claimed that locking him up for every major election was in effect, a violation of the rights of many citizens.

Having listed the above points, Yameen requested for bail.

When the judges' bench questioned Yameen on whether he would travel abroad if released on bail, the ex-President stated that even in this case, he would only depart after High Court's permit.

After discussions, the judges' bench ordered Yameen to submit the relevant documents on his health complications within three days and announced that a decision on bail will be made following a review.