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President inaugurates Izzudheen School in Malé

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 January 2020, MVT 14:51
Izzudheen School opening ceremony. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 January 2020, MVT 14:51

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday inaugurated Izzudheen School in the capital city Male'.

In addition to the President, Vice President Faisal Naseem and Minister of Education Aishath Ali joined the special inauguration ceremony held to mark the opening of the newest school in the country.

According to the Education Minister, the name of the school is dedicated to Al Sultan Ghaazee Hassan Izzudheen Dhonbandaarain.

The school will operate in a single session, teaching over 200 students from grades one through to six.

According to the Ministry, a new grade will be introduced in the coming years, teaching until grade 10.

Furthermore, the government is introducing for the first time a lunch programme in Izzudheen School, in addition to the breakfast programme rolled out last year.

Of the 212 schools that are currently registered to participate in the meal plan, Izzudheen is the only school that will serve lunch.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Solih stated that this single-session school is a beginning to this government's pledge to have all schools operate a single session.

Izzudheen School, sets a cap of 25 students per classroom. This is the first time a public school sets such a limit.

At the inauguration ceremony, President Solih expressed hopes that such a limit will have a positive impact on students and their education.