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Addu Link Road accidents increased due to poor condition: AG report

Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 January 2020, MVT 10:46
Addu City Highway. PHOTO: NAJ
Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 January 2020, MVT 10:46

The Performace Audit Report on Addu Link Road, by the Auditor General's Office state that the number of accidents increased due to the poor condition of the road.

As per the report which was put together after reviewing the state of link road connecting several islands, potholes are one of the major causes of accidents. This occurs because the layer of tarring on the road is very thin.

Further, the report revealed that in certain areas there is less than one inch of tarring, due to which the road is covered with holes of various sizes.

Additionally, to avoid these gaping holes, people use the wrong side of the lane, subjecting them to chances of being hit by another vehicle.

"Areas of the road which needs repair work were left for long periods of time without attending to."

The report highlighted multiple bends and turns where accidents take place more frequently. None of these areas has speed breakers or warning signs.

AG office report urged to repair the road with urgency, and install street lights in order to avoid the number of dangerous accidents on Addu Link Road.

Statistics from the report show that between 2013 and 2019, the lives of 19 people were lost in dangerous accidents. Meanwhile, MVR 1.4 million was spent on giving treatments to several, who suffered severe injuries Including the MVR 955,000 spent on transporting those injured to the capital Male' for treatment, the total figure raises to MVR 2.4 million.