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President Solih inaugurates Masjid Al-Rahmath

Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 January 2020, MVT 15:19
President Solih inaugurating Masjid Al-Rahmath in Kendhikulhudhoo. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
09 January 2020, MVT 15:19

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday inaugurated Masjid Al-Rahmath in Kendhikulhudhoo Island of Noonu Atoll.

Residents of Kendhikulhudhoo gave the President a warm welcome upon his arrival to the island.

He planted a tree at the mosque grounds during the special ceremony held.

In addition, the people of Kendhikulhudhoo presented President Solih with a plaque of appreciation.

During the ceremony, President Solih stressed that the government is working to overcome the challenges faced by businesses, particularly with regard to investors. Referring to efforts undertaken by the government over the past year, he added that some movements such as legislative reform, has already begun to show results.

Moreover, the President spoke about the government's vision to develop the nation. He assured that this government would focus on developing all the islands without any bias.