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MNDF reduces alert status to normal

Shahudha Mohamed
02 January 2020, MVT 12:51
MNDF Rannamaari training
Shahudha Mohamed
02 January 2020, MVT 12:51

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) on Thursday reduced the institution's alert status to normal, with the conclusion of the special operation conducted with strengthened security.

MNDF raised the alert status to 'Yellow Two' at 1900hrs on December 24. Yellow alerts are issued when there is an increased or predictable threat to the security and sovereignty of the country, but authorities asserted that the alert level was not raised due to an imminent threat.

The 10-day operation conducted following the heightened alert status concluded at 0600hrs Thursday morning.

In the duration of the operation, armed military personnel patrolled across the country and conducted inspections aboard various marine vessels.

MNDF expressed gratitude for the public's cooperation in conducting the operation.

The 'Yellow Two' alert was issued at a time when international media outlets were reporting that the international terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) may target and attack some countries on the occasion of Christmas.

Recently, government institutions are taking notable measures against the increasing extremism within society.

Authorities released statistics last month to convey the seriousness of the issue, asking for the public's assistance in bringing the perpetrators to justice. According to these stats, there are approximately 1400 individuals who would not hesitate to kill for their beliefs.

In the fight against extremism, Maldives Police Service and MNDF conducted a special joint operation titled 'Asseyri' at Maduvvari, Raa Atoll in mid-December. Three arrests were made during the operation.