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Addu Council receives bids for 63 plots in new ‘tourist zones’

Ahmed Aiham
30 December 2019, MVT 22:03
Addu City Nature Park, Hithadhoo. PHOTO: AHMED MAHZOOM
Ahmed Aiham
30 December 2019, MVT 22:03

Addu City Council, on Monday, announced that proposals were received for 63 plots of land in its 'Tourism Zone' allocated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, by the end of the tender process.

The government has begun leasing land in Addu for the establishment of city hotels and guesthouses as per the plan to boost the atoll's tourism sector.

A total of 96 land plots will be released for the purpose. However, only 80 plots opened for tender as 16 plots in Meedhoo are in dispute.

The Addu City Council stated that tourism zone development projects would increase the capacity from 1,118 to 4,000 beds.

A total of 30 plots from Hithadhoo's 'Maamenn Beach', 25 plots from Hulhudhoo's 'Kayvah Beach', 16 plots from Meedhoo's 'Koagan Beach', 24 plots from Feydhoo's 'Savaa Beach' and one plot from Maradhoo will be leased under this project.

The plots are divided into five categories. Category A plots measure 10,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 60 rooms. Plots of 7,000 square feet accommodating 35 rooms fall under B Category.

While C Category plots are 5,000 square feet and can accommodate 25 rooms, Category D plots are 3,000 square feet and can accommodate 15 rooms.

The smallest plots belonging to Category E are 2,400 square feet and can accommodate a guesthouse of 10 rooms.

The administration also announced that state loans worth MVR 80 million, through SME Development Finance Corporation (SDFC), for entities developing small and medium guesthouses on the plots.