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EC reveals city councils seats reserved for women

Mariyam Malsa
27 December 2019, MVT 09:13
A press conference held by the Elections Commission (EC). PHOTO: HUSSEIN WAHEED
Mariyam Malsa
27 December 2019, MVT 09:13

Elections Commission (EC), on Thursday, revealed which city council seats would be reserved for women as per recent amendments to the Decentralisation Act.

The representative constituencies were chosen by lot at a function held by the elections watchdog.

Six out of 18 constituencies in Male', four out of 12 constituencies in Addu and two out six constituencies in Fuvahmulah will be allocated to women.

EC further revealed that constituencies were assigned numbers instead of names.

Male' seats reserved for women

- Male' City 2: 4 (located in Henveiru Ward)

- Male' City 9: (located in Machangoalhi Ward)

- Male' City 12: 14 (located in Maafannu Ward)

- Male' City 18: (located in Vilingili Ward)

Addu seats reserved for women

- Addu City 3: (located in Hithadhoo)

- Addu City 6: (located in Feydhoo)

- Addu City 18: (located in Hulhudhoo)

- Addu City 12: (located in Meedhoo)

Fuvahmulah seats reserved for women

- Fuvahmulah City 1: (located in Dhadimagu and Dhiguvaandu)

- Fuvahmulah City 4: (located in Funaadu Ward)

A total of 372 of the 980 individuals elected in the council election slated for April 2020 will be women.