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Qasim murdered in mugging gone wrong: Police

Shahudha Mohamed
24 December 2019, MVT 18:19
gasim hassan murder case
Shahudha Mohamed
24 December 2019, MVT 18:19

Maldives Police Service revealed details regarding the murder of 59-year-old taxi driver Qasim Hassan on Tuesday.

According to officials speaking at a press conference held at Iskandhar Koshi, Adhuham Mohamed, aged 21, attacked Qasim in a dispute that arose in a mugging gone wrong.

Qasim defended himself till the last moment when Adhuham attempted to rob him, Police said.

Furthermore, Police revealed that Adhuham was hunting for a suitable target to mug since the afternoon of December 4. He was initially seeking out a potential victim in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale', before travelling to the neighbouring airport island Hulhule' for better luck.

"Adhuham was searching for an elderly citizen", a Police official said.

However, Adhuham did not confess that Qasim succumbed to an injury he purposefully inflicted with the intention of murder.

Perpetrator under influence

Police stated that Adhuham was under the influence of illegal narcotics since noon on the day of the murder. He consumed more drugs in the afternoon and then tried to devise how to rob someone for cash.

Upon realising this was no easy task, Adhuham decided to mug someone. According to Police, he picked up a knife from a cafe' in Hulhumale' and tried to hail a cab. However, since the driver did not fit Adhuham's requirements, he did not board the taxi.

Adhuham Mohamed, who Police say has confessed to the murder of taxi driver Qasim Hassan.

Police's statements depict that Adhuham attempted to rob someone for cash even after going to Hulhule'. He also entered some shops in Hulhule' searching for an opportunity to loot the place, but Police believe he failed due to security personnel acting in the area.

A victim that fit the bill

Qasim drove to Hulhumale' with a passenger after spending time with his friends at the "Keymaatu" Hotel in capital Male'.

Based on the information revealed by the Police, it can be speculated that Adhuham got into Qasim's taxi because he believed that he could rob Qasim easily.

Adhuham requested to be dropped off at the halfway house and started threatening Qasim with the knife after making him drive into a narrow lane in a remote part of Hulhumale' where the halfway house are located, for the second time.

Police stated that the perpetrator's first attempt failed as other vehicles were passing through the lane at the time.

Qasim fought back to save himself, injuring his hands in the process, as per details revealed by authorities.

After stabbing the driver in the neck, Adhuham exited the car, took off his shirt in the shrubbery in front of the halfway house and buried it. He then contacted a friend and borrowed a shirt, got dressed and went to Male'.

Qasim's was found on the side of the road by WAMCO employees passing by on a truck but they were unable to save his life.

Following Adhuham's arrest, Qasim's family stated that they did not have any connection with the suspect and had no knowledge of Qasim being acquainted with him either.

Adhuham, who confessed to the murder during the Police investigation, already had a record of theft and substance abuse. Criminal Court had remanded him for a period of 15 days.

Police previously announced that they had recovered the murder weapon, along with the suspect's shirt, DNA and fingerprints.