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Maldives tops US list for 2019's most searched holiday destination

Shahudha Mohamed
12 December 2019, MVT 12:38
An aerial picture depicting a well-known array of islands in Baa Atoll. PHOTO:THE BAA ATOLL UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE
Shahudha Mohamed
12 December 2019, MVT 12:38

Search engine Google's statistics for the year 2019 show that Maldives is the most searched holiday destination amongst the people of the United States.

According to Google's 'Year in Search 2019' list, Maldives was googled the most, following the phrase 'trip to', on the search engine. Most of the searches originated from Texas, but Maldives was also popular amongst those in New York, California, Illinois, Noth Carolina and Florida respectively.

Japan came second on the list, followed by Bora Bora, Las Vegas and Mexico.

Although Maldives tops the list of US Google searches, worldwide statistics show that America ranks seventh on the list of countries which googled 'trip to Maldives' in 2019.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) tops this list, followed by India, Singapore Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom (UK) and the US, in that order.

However, Google did not announce a global list for the most-searched holiday destinations.

The spike in searches for Maldives is believed to have increased due to many A-list Hollywood celebrities spending their holidays at the archipelago, including Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Justin Bieber.

Famous sport celebrities such as Serena Williams, Pep Guardiola and Luis Suarez also visited Maldives on vacation.

The total number of US tourists visiting Maldives also increased in 2019. Statistics show that a total of 43,091 Americans visited the country by October this year. This is an increase of 9,585 arrivals in comparison to the same period in 2018.