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Parliament committee probes alleged pedophile councillor

Shahudha Mohamed
05 December 2019, MVT 12:04
A little girl poses for photographs to illustrate the topic of child abuse in Canberra, Monday, Oct. 28, 2013. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)
Shahudha Mohamed
05 December 2019, MVT 12:04

The Parliamentary Committee on Gender and Human Rights launched an investigation late Wednesday over delayed action against a male council member accused of sexually assaulting underage boys on several occasions.

The committee also held a meeting regarding the issue on the same day.

The committee's Chair and Hinnavaru MP Jeehan Mahmood expressed concern that an individual accused of sexually assaulting children is serving in an influential position. She further stated that there must be a way to remove such individuals from their positions if they are charged and convicted over such crimes.

However, the accused child-molester is currently roaming free as no legal action has been taken against him.

Jeehan revealed that various families from the aforementioned councillor's island had expressed concern over the allegations on various occasions, adding that they brought the issue to the committee's attention.

"The committee does not want to let slide any cases of individuals that endanger the safety of children", Jeehan said.

The matter has now been reported to all relevant authorities including Maldives Police Service.

Local media Mihaaru stated that the media is aware of the accused individual's identity and received text messages of the councillor making inappropriate advances towards young boys. However, the news withheld any details on the councillor to protect and maintain the anonymity of the children involved in the case.

Mihaaru further reported that the Local Government Authority (LGA) formerly investigated the same councillor over similar allegations.

According to Mihaaru, LGA also sought counsel from the Attorney General (AG) since the only possible legal action against the councillor was suspension.

While an investigation was launched into the alleged sexual predator filling a council post, the committee is also probing the case of a 13-year-old child "bride" who was raped and impregnated at age 12.

Regarding the case, the state recently assumed responsibility for a total of seven minors belonging to the family, including the "bride" and her infant child.