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Police seek terrorism charges against Ameen

Fathmath Shaahunaz
03 December 2019, MVT 15:59
Maldivian insurgents in Syria. PHOTO: UNKNOWN
Fathmath Shaahunaz
03 December 2019, MVT 15:59

Maldives Police Service disclosed Tuesday that they are seeking to charge Mohamed Ameen of Fuvahmulah with terrorism.

In a statement, the police stated that the case against Ameen, who was arrested last October, was submitted to the Prosecutor General's Office on December 1.

The accusations levied against Ameen include spreading extremist ideologies, recruiting Maldivian insurgents for foreign conflicts, providing financial and technological support to terrorist cells, and maintaining ties with their leaders.

Mohamed Ameen, who is accused of terrorism and listed in the US' OFAC list.

Ameen's criminal record notably includes his involvement in the bombing that took place near the historic Sultan Park in capital Male' City in 2007. He fled before he could be arrested, and Interpol had issued a Red Notice to capture Ameen. However, despite his subsequent arrest in 2011, he was later released.

He is also the first Maldivian to be included in the list of terrorists publicised by the United States' Department of the Treasuries Office of Foreign Affairs Control (OFAC).