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Supreme Court Judge Areef retires, Judge Azmiralda to take over

Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 November 2019, MVT 22:38
Azmiraldha and Shujoon appointed to Supreme Court bench. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 November 2019, MVT 22:38

Judicial Service Commission on Wednesday tasked Supreme Court Judge Dr Azmiralda Zahir with running the apex court following Judge Abdulla Areef's retirement.

Additionally, JSC made the decision to remove Judge Abdul Ghani Mohamed from Supreme Court.

The judicial watchdog was investigating both Ghani and Areef, before making the decision to suspend the former and submit the impeachment motion to the parliament. Meanwhile, Judge Areef chose to retire.

Judge Areef was tasked with running Supreme Court on November 13, following the suspension of Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Didi due to an ongoing investigation by JSC.

Currently, the only Judges on the Supreme Court bench are the most recently appointed Dr Azmiralda, Aisha Shujoon Mohamed and Mahaaz Zahir.