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Adhaalath Party welcomes govt decision to dissolve MDN

Mariyam Malsa
07 November 2019, MVT 09:32
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) greets Home Minister Imran Abdulla. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
07 November 2019, MVT 09:32

Adhaalath Party, on Wednesday, expressed gratitude toward the government for its decision to dissolve the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN).

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Engagement decided to dissolve MDN on Tuesday after it was proven that its 2015 report 'Preliminary Assessment of Radicalisation in the Maldives' contained written accounts contradicting the fundamental tenets of Islam and slandered Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

The police reached this conclusion following a thorough investigation into the report with a team of scholars.

A press release by the religiously conservative party, which is a member of the ruling coalition, stated that the government had implemented measures against the NGO without regard to opposing influences, and that the decision to dissolve MDN was in accordance with the state's previous promises to the party and the people.

The party's statement highlighted that the government launched an inquiry into the matter, had the NGO suspended and guaranteed that no opportunity would be given to disrespect the religion of Islam as soon the controversial report came to the state's attention. It also noted that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih held meetings with religious scholars to discuss their concerns on his own initiative.

Adhaalath Party praised the government for the decision to dissolve MDN, despite local and international backing for the NGO.

The party specifically thanked President Solih for showing no hesitation in maintaining the rule of law and defending Islam.

Adhaalath Party described the Maldivian people as defenders of religion who are prepared to make sacrifices for it, regardless of political allegiances or different atolls of origin.

The order to dissolve the NGO was made in the wake of widespread public criticism of the state's suspension of MDN as an insufficient measure. Several island councils formally expressed their stance on the matter in statements to the government. A number of demonstrations were also held regarding the matter.

The Youth Ministry allocated 45 days to the human rights NGO to settle any debts and properties before dissolution.