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Abusing Constitutional freedom affects nationalism: President Solih

Nafaahath Ibrahim
29 October 2019, MVT 12:42
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at the ceremony held to mark National Day, on October 28, 2019, at Dharubaaruge. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
29 October 2019, MVT 12:42

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared late Monday that the actions of a few who abused constitutional freedoms were negatively affecting nationalism and destroying the social fabric of the nation.

Speaking at the official ceremony held to mark National Day, the president said that the few people who are tarnishing the image of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) are doing so in the name of exercising the fundamental freedoms granted in the Constitution. He stated that such individuals were advocating for religious freedom in the guise of human rights.

Speaking in this regard, President Solih noted that there are groups that exploit the same freedoms to promote religious extremism, radicalization and acts of terror. He stressed that observing and respecting the tenets of Islam is a fundamental aspect of the Maldivian society.

The president assured that the administration would not tolerate hate speech and fear-mongering, and called on the nation to refrain from using religion as a political tool to create disorder among people.

Additionally, President Solih stated that the National Day is marked to celebrate contributions made by individuals to serve the nation, particularly those who work towards preserving traditions and skills that are in danger of being relegated to history books.

In his address, the President further spoke of the sacrifices made by the forefathers of Maldives to protect and preserve the nation's sovereignty and freedom.