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Maldives' drug map spans over 4 continents, 19 countries

Shahudha Mohamed
20 October 2019, MVT 15:40
Drug map
Shahudha Mohamed
20 October 2019, MVT 15:40

Maldives Customs Service on Sunday publicised a map showing the drug trafficking routes to Maldives.

According to a tweet by customs, the data depicted on the map shows the routes of drugs seized as they were smuggled into Maldives via sea and air, including postal service, during the period between 2013 and 2018.

The chart shows that the largest number of illegal narcotics were smuggled from Asian countries. Drugs were trafficked from 10 Asian countries including Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Uzbekistan and Kazakistan.

The map publicised by Maldives Customs Service. PHOTO: TWITTER

Illegal substances were trafficked from five Eurpoean countries including United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Germany.

Moreover, drugs were also smuggled from African countries Ethiopia, Togo and Benin in addition to South American countries Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago.

Customs recently apprehended many drug traffickers and seized a vessel attempting to smuggle 70 kilograms of illegal narcotics from Pakistan. Maldives Police Service is currently investigating the matter with the aid of a team from Interpol.