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Settlement committee's work must be publicised: Transparency

Shahudha Mohamed
17 October 2019, MVT 13:10
The President's Office in capital Male' City. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
17 October 2019, MVT 13:10

Transparency Maldives on Wednesday called for the government to increase the transparency of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee tasked with advising the state on settling matters of compensation out of court.

Many companies and firms are pressing charges against the state, seeking compensation for various agreements signed with the government that was later nullified, in some cases, unlawfully.

A string of tweets by Transparency Maldives further called for increased accountability of the settlement committee, proactively disclosing measures that will be enacted to ensure that public funds are not wasted and bringing those whose actions resulted in the wastage of millions to justice.

While the anti-corruption NGO is advocating for the government to publicise the workings of the settlement committee, the state recently decided to hire an independent auditor to provide counsel on compensation amounts.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration has paid an approximate MVR 1 billion in compensation for contracts that were nullified in violation of the agreements. While some of these cases underwent trials in court, others were settled outside via the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee.