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World Bank consulting Maldivians for Systematic Country Diagnostic

Shahudha Mohamed
11 October 2019, MVT 13:50
World Bank is holding consultations with Maldives for their second Systematic Country Diagnosis. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
11 October 2019, MVT 13:50

The World Bank, on Thursday, launched online public consultations for its second Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) in Maldives.

The consultations invite views from the public on what they think are the most important issues and opportunities facing the country and how these can be addressed.

Along with the online public consultations for the SCD, the World Bank is launching the first dedicated country Twitter handle for Maldives, @WBMaldives.

This bilingual platform, operating in both English and local Dhivehi language, aims to strengthen and amplify communications on the World Bank’s engagement with Maldives while identifying public opinion issues pertaining to the island nation.

According to the World Bank, the first SCD of the Maldives, completed in 2016, identified ways to further develop tourism and fisheries -- the two main sectors of the Maldivian economy.

However, it noted that the Maldives’ development model could be adjusted to deliver to all the sections of society more equitably. In the short-term, significant challenges exist in managing and preserving the country’s economic, environmental and social resources.

The SCD is a country-specific report compiled by the World Bank Group in close consultation with the respective national authorities, stakeholders and the public.

This report forms the basis of the Country Partnership Framework, the strategy which outlines how the World Bank Group’s engagement with the country can best contribute towards achieving the goals of ending absolute poverty and boosting shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.