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Parliamentarians call to ban MDN

Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 October 2019, MVT 13:21
Nolhivarum member, MP Ahmed Nasheed Abdulla filed an emergency motion at the parliament over MDN's report. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Nafaahath Ibrahim
07 October 2019, MVT 13:21

Parliamentarians on Monday called to ban Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN), following an emergency motion filed to debate over the alleged slander of Prophet Mohammed in a report published by the network.

The motion was filed by Nolhivarum member, MP Ahmed Nasheed Abdulla who stated that MND's report titled ’Preliminary Report on Radicalization in the Maldives” opposes the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Mohamed (SAW).

The report criticized the Maldivian education system, claiming that the rhetoric of certain textbooks encouraged extremism and highlighting certain passages from the Quran.

MDN has come under fire for the report, with several members of the public demanding the NGO's closure on social media platforms.

During the heated debates over the report, members called on authorities to take rapid action against MDN.

Dhuvaafaru MP Ismail Ahmed stated that MND's main goals clash with Islam. He went on to say that the organization should be banned immediately and those leading it should be arrested.

Meanwhile, Villingili MP Saud Hussain said that the people must oppose those who are working against Islam.

"I call to ban the organization MDN. If these things are not seen as issues, in the future, Maldives will become divided and there will be bloodshed."

The report has caused public uproar and people have been voicing concerns. Meanwhile, Ministry of Islamic Affairs submitted a case to the Police over the contents written in the report which contradicted the tenents of Islam and threatened the religious unity of Maldives.

The Ministry requested that the matter be investigated and adequate measures taken. Police have confirmed that they received the ministry's request.

The Police also revealed that certain individuals are actively trying to create hatred against a group of people including MDN members by spreading their personal details, alleging that they are attempting to eradicate Islam from the country.

The aforementioned matter is also being investigated by the police after MDN reported it.