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New Chairman appointed to MIRA's board

Shahudha Mohamed
03 October 2019, MVT 18:19
Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer speaking at the parliament. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT
Shahudha Mohamed
03 October 2019, MVT 18:19

Chief Financial Budget Executive of Ministry of Finance Ahmed Sharuwas was appointed as the Chairman of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA)'s board.

He was appointed under the powers vested in the Finance Minister with the amendments to the Tax Administration Act.

Sharuwas was on MIRA's board prior to filling the Chairman post and was also a board member of Maldives Centre for Islamic Finance Ltd (MCIF).

According to the amendments to the Tax Administration Act, the board now consist of seven members, including Commissioner General of Taxation, five members appointed by the President and a member appointed by Minister of Finance.

Another amendment allows parties to pay 30 percent of payments that are due in order to appeal a case related to tax at court, as opposed to the former law that state that cases can only be appealed if all the payments are complete.

Former Commissioner General of Taxation Yazeed Mohamed and former Deputy Commissioner General Hassan Zareer were removed from their posts when the amendments to the act were ratified since the amendment required new appointments to be made for the two senior-most positions of MIRA within 30 days of ratification.