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Aaron Carter deletes 'stolen artwork' from Instagram

Shahudha Mohamed
28 September 2019, MVT 17:25
Aaron Carter is an Americal singer aged 31, and younger brother of Nick Carter. He is accused of stealing an artwork created by local artist Ali Shimhaq. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
28 September 2019, MVT 17:25

Following heated backlash from the Maldivian community, American singer Aaron Carter deleted the artwork allegedly stolen off local artist Ali Shimhaq, which he had posted on his Instagram feed.

Aaron Carter, younger brother of famous Backstreet Boys' artist Nick Carter, stated that he deleted the image due to being "bullied" with accusations of being an art thief.

Aaron Carter's response at being called out as an art thief by the Maldivian twitter community. PHOTO: TWITTER

He further threatened to sue everyone who was calling him out and declared that he will render a new artwork for himself.

Original artist Shimhaq, who posted the digital artwork was alerted about Aaron Carter using the image by a twitter follower. Shimhaq then tweeted confirming that Carter was using his work without Shimhaq's knowledge.

When Shimhaq called Carter out for theft, Carter claimed he had rendered the artwork himself after he purchased the piece. However, Shimhaq stated that he never sold the painting or the rights to use the painting to any parties.

Prior to pulling the image from Instagram, Carter also edited the photo's caption claiming that "[he] now own[s]" the artwork, adding the hashtag #iamthelion at the end.

Two pictures showing the caption before and after Aaron Carter edited it. PHOTO: TWITTER

The Maldivian twitter community lashed back in Shimhaq's defence, demanding Carter to own up to his mistake and remove the artwork from his social media channels and website.

#AaronCarterArtThief is currently trending nationwide on Twitter.

Aaron Carter is a singer aged 31, who acquired fame during the 90s. He has released a total of five albums so far, the most recent one being 'Love' in 2018.