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President Solih's UN speech was revengeful: Opposition

Shahudha Mohamed
25 September 2019, MVT 17:37
Former Defence Minister Adam Shareef. PHOTO/MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
25 September 2019, MVT 17:37

Opposition People's National Congress (PNC)'s Vice President Adam Shareef declared on Wednesday that President Ibrahim Mohamed's Solih's statements at the United Nation's General Assembly concerning former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's administration, indicated the hatred and revengeful nature of the current government.

Shareef, who filled the post of Defence Minister during Yameen's tenure, stated in a tweet that President Solih's speech was devoid of nationalism and hope.

He described President Solih's criticism's of Yameen as an act of revenge, adding that it depicted the current administration's biased and vengeful nature.

Seven years after a Maldivian President delivered remarks at the UN General Assembly, President Solih highlighted various areas in the speech given on Tuesday night. Speaking of the reform actions that were underway to restore democracy in the nation, President Solih described the state of the country during Yameen's tenure.

"The judiciary was hijacked, parliament brought to a standstill, institutions of state co-opted and the press gagged. Political opponents were constantly threatened and opposition leaders either jailed or exiled".

In response to these statements, Maduvvari MP Shareef claimed that during Yameen's presidency, the judiciary was hijacked by the current ruling coalition.

Local media reports that Shareef was referring to the order issued by Supreme Court on February 1, 2018, which Yameen and Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) accused was forced by financial influence on the apex court.

Adam Shareef also noted that no justice was served for any issues regarding the 2018 presidential election. The opposition claims that President Solih won the election through influence and even submitted a case to Supreme Court.

Rebutting President Solih's remark on limiting press freedom, Shareef accused that the current government sponsors most news outlets. While several supporters of Yameen voiced their outrage over President Solih's UN speech, former Minister of Environment Thoriq Ibrahim complimented the highlight on climate change and environment issues.

Dr Mohamed Waheed was the last President to deliver remarks at UN, before President Solih's speech. Waheed also delivered a statement on Yameen's behalf during Yameen's presidency. Yameen did not deliver any remarks at a UN assembly throughout his entire tenure.