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Migrant workers flock to Economic Ministry

Mariyam Malsa
25 September 2019, MVT 19:28
Migrant workers queuing outside the regularisation office of the Ministry of Economics. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
25 September 2019, MVT 19:28

Large numbers of migrant workers queued at the Ministry of Economic Development's regularisation office in the capital city of Male', following the implementation of new regulations to curb illegal migration.

The state recently opened the opportunity for undocumented migrants currently residing in Maldives to re-register themselves within six months. While the option is open to unemployed illegal migrants, such individuals must secure jobs within six months of re-registration.

Assistant Inspection Officer at the ministry, Mariyam Rifga, revealed that 300 workers were re-registered. The regularisation office releases 150 placements for re-registration per day.

Companies which employ undocumented migrants or third parties that recruit such individuals can seek re-registration online.

Another of the state's efforts to solve the increasing number of illegal immigrants involved the implementation of a one-year ban on Bangladeshi labourers.

Economic Minister Ahmed Fayyaz assured that the new regulations would be reviewed if they resulted in economic challenges.

Maldives Immigration revealed that there are around 63,000 illegal immigrants residing in the country.