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Government to keep ballot box in countries with minimum 150 voters

Raif Amyl Jalyl
12 September 2019, MVT 20:10
Vote counting from a ballot box for the Local Council Elections in 2017. Government allocates minimum quota of voters registered at a foreign country must be 150 for ballot boxes to be kept there. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Raif Amyl Jalyl
12 September 2019, MVT 20:10

Elections Commission (EC) on Wednesday announced the decision to place ballot boxes in countries with a minimum of 150 individuals registered to vote in the Local Council Election slated for April 2020.

EC Member Ahmed Akram iterated that the placement of ballot boxes in foreign countries would provide convenience for voters.

During the last Local Council Elections in 2017, ballot boxes were kept in Sri Lanka and India.

Although there was no previous quota concerning the placement of electoral boxes in prisons, EC decided that facilities must have a minimum of 25 registered voters to be allocated a ballot box.

Akram further revealed that the criteria for ballot boxes in resorts was amended. EC will place a ballot box at each resort with a minimum voting population of 50.

The electoral watchdog disclosed that 700 people are expected to vote per box and that the elections would cost MVR 65-70 million as per the commission's estimates.