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Government to establish temporary detention centres for insurgents

Mariyam Malsa
12 September 2019, MVT 20:55
Maldivian insurgents in Syria. PHOTO: UNKNOWN
Mariyam Malsa
12 September 2019, MVT 20:55

The Maldivian government proposed the establishment of temporary detention centres for insurgents returning to Maldives after participating in conflicts occurring in foreign countries.

According to the state's bill, which lists amendments to the Prevention of Terrorism Act, insurgents are defined as individuals who depart from Maldives to partake in foreign conflicts or join armed efforts led by terrorist organizations, including groups based in other countries or those operating independently.

Individuals who provide or receive education related to the preparation, organization or execution of terrorist acts also fall under the definition.

However, the aforementioned does not apply to children below the age of 18.

According to the bill, insurgents will remain at the temporary centres until the conclusion of investigations to determine whether they have committed any acts of terrorism, received eduction regarding such actions and whether they are susceptible to such influences.

The bill states that the purpose of apprehending insurgents is to take certain precautionary steps before they are reintegrated into society. Individuals detained under the regulations will only remain under state custody until a risk assessment is completed and adequate steps are decided.

Insurgents can be held for a maximum of 30 days if arrests are made under a court order. Any persons arrested without a warrant must be presented in front of a judge within 48 hours to determine whether their detention is in accordance with the law.

If passed by the parliament and later ratified, the bill mandates the Ministry of Home Affairs to establish the temporary detention centres within a 60-day period. Individuals accused of other crimes are not to be housed at these facilities.

Family members, including spouses and children of insurgents who have become victims of crime, will be accommodated separately.

The bill also stipulates that the Home Ministry must conduct rehabilitation programmes for returning insurgents and susceptible individuals to facilitate their smooth reintegration into society.