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Resolution to parliament for promotion of local businesses

Shahudha Mohamed
05 September 2019, MVT 15:31
A parliament session in progress. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Shahudha Mohamed
05 September 2019, MVT 15:31

A member of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) submitted a resolution to the parliament on Wednesday, calling for promotion of local products and businesses.

The resolution drafted by Maafannu Central MP Ibrahim Rasheed stated that local businesses were "locked in" at their islands, due to the lack of an online system connecting businesses to consumers and businesses to other businesses, within the rules and regulations of the law.

The resolution listed various challenges faced by these businesses while outlining solutions for the issues.

According to the resolution, the government must initiate the establishment of a 'national business' and 'business to consumer' platform for local businesses, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for effective and feasible marketing of goods and services.

The second suggestion was to start providing payment gateway services from commercial banks, introduce E-Wallet services and cut off all transaction charges within the country.

The resolution also called for the creation of an electronic system to connect the passport system and insurance for delivered goods, such that the public could access goods and services at cheaper costs.

In addition, the resolution proposes to establish an electronic tracking system which will allow the goods to be monitored in real-time by those responsible. It further stated that information required by government authorities and the tax system must be made available at all times.

The resolution further stipulated to legalise online business agreements as well as agreements and transactions made via secure sign-on links and registered mobile phones, and bring amendments to the Law of Contract accordingly.