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'Miyaheli'- Social Innovation Camp 2019 concludes

Nafaahath Ibrahim
31 August 2019, MVT 13:08
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Nafaahath Ibrahim
31 August 2019, MVT 13:08

Miyaheli, a social innovation camp for Maldivian youth concluded on Friday.

The camp aimed at youth aged 18-13 years give participants the opportunity to make their ideaad a reality. It also aims to bring together youth, mentors and ideas to create tech based and non-tech based social innovatios. These address pressing social issues over the course of the weeked.

This years camp is to eliminate barriers faced by Persons with Disabilities (PWD). A particular focus was given to physical or environment barriers, communication barriers and attitudical barriers.

PWD's are often marginalized and have limited accessibility for transportation, public services, education, health and employment opportunities.

From 'Miyaheli'- Social Innovation Camp 2019. PHOTO: MIYAHELI

Miyaheli offers a chance for the youth to work towards solutions that are inclusive and accessible for all while gaining entrepreneurship and innovation.

Five teams that took part in the camp compete against each other and pitch their idea to the judges. At the end of the camp, the first team, ThaanaMello and second-team, Silent Coffee were awarded seed funding and enrolment in the Youth Co: Lab Regional Springboard Programme.

While ThaanaMello team is working to develop an application to make Dhivehi content accessible for the virtually impaired community, Silent Coffee team is attempting to break the communication barrier between the deaf community and the hearing community.

Additionally, SalhiKameh, the team at third place is working to provide inclusive access to picnic areas.

'Miyaheli'- Social Innovation Camp 2019. PHOTO: MIYAHELI

This camp is a collaborative effort by Unted Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ooredoo Maldives, Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services, Ministry of Youth and Community Empowerment, Youth Co:Lab, Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities, Maldives Deaf Association, Blind and Visually Imparied Society of Maldives and Wellness Association of Maldives.