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Ex- VP Adeeb under observation in good health: Corrections

Shahudha Mohamed
18 August 2019, MVT 22:56
Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb being checked into IGMH for the swelling on his forehead. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
18 August 2019, MVT 22:56

Maldives Correctional Service disclosed on Sunday that former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb was kept under observation but in good health.

Adeeb was hospitalised in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) for injuries sustained while he was detained at Maafushi Prison.

It was initially rumoured that the ex-VP fell inside his prison cell and injured himself. However, local media Mihaaru reports that he was taken to the hospital because he hit his head against the bathroom wall resulting in a swelling on his forehead.

Adeeb's family claimed last Thursday that his condition was serious.

Recently, Adeeb travelled to India for three weeks seeking treatment for glaucoma. According to his family, the doctor advised Adeeb to return for consultation after six months.

After returning to Maldives following his treatment, the ex-VP who is alleged to have orchestrated the embezzlement of approximately MVR 1.3 billion in state funds through Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), fled to India while he was under a travel ban.

Indian authorities intercepted the former vice president near the coast of Tuticorin Port, Thoothukudi while he was posing as a crew member aboard tugboat 'Virgo 9'.

Following his apprehension, Adeeb requested protection from the Indian government citing fears of politically motivated charges and past instances of being coerced to issue false statements.

Indian authorities rejected Adeeb's asylum request and handed him over to Maldives Police Service.

Police announced that Adeeb fleeing in violation of a Supreme Court order will now be investigated as a separate matter.

While Adeeb is being reinvestigated for the MMPRC scandal, Police stated that new information regarding the case was uncovered in the interrogations.

The ex-VP confessed in Criminal Court to his involvement in the scandal and claimed that he disclosed the details of others who were complicit in laundering state funds to relevant authorities.