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Maldivians spend USD 1,000 for off-peak season holidays: MMA

Raif Amyl Jalyl
13 August 2019, MVT 21:23
An official of MMA conducts a survey at Velana International Airport, regarding Maldivians' expenses abroad during year-end vacation, in December 2017. PHOTO/MMA
Raif Amyl Jalyl
13 August 2019, MVT 21:23

Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) revealed that Maldivians on average spend USD 1,000 on mid-year off-peak season holidays abroad.

MMA's surveys conducted last year on Maldivian expenses depict that the highest amount was used for business and official trips overseas. Accordingly, the average for off-peak and peak seasons were USD 1,172 and USD 1,113 respectively.

An average amount of USD 1,003 and USD 880 were recorded for off-peak and peak season respectively for medical trips abroad.

The average amount of expenses for off-peak and peak season leisure holidays USD 1,085 and USD 890 respectively.

According to statistics, the highest amount of expenses were made during off peak season. The survey also revealed that there was steady increments in expenses over the years since 2015.

The Maldivian expenses for off-peak season trips was USD 780.

Since the survey's initiation in 2015, it has been conducted annually.

While 56 percent of total travellers during a week in off-peak season were surveyed, 66 percent were inquired during a week in peak season last year.