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Ex-VP Jameel blames Adeeb's escape on government

Shahudha Mohamed
01 August 2019, MVT 18:28
Former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. PHOTO: AHMED NISHATH / MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
01 August 2019, MVT 18:28

Former Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, on Thursday, declared that the government must bear responsibility for former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb's escape.

Adeeb was apprehended by Indian authorities in a tug boat docked at Tutucorin port, India, on Thursday. Indian Police is currently questioning Adeeb over his alleged attempt at illegally entering India without the legal permits and necessary documents.

Jameel's tweet addressing Adeeb's foiled escape attempt stated that the government's sincerity in investigating the MVR 1.3 billion corruption scandal of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) will be evident in the way suspects related to the embezzlement case are treated. Adeeb is a prime suspect in the corruption scandal.

"Authorities must be responsible and held accountable for Adeeb's escape", Jameel declared.

He further posed the question of why MMPRC's case could not be investigated swiftly when the government can expedite the cases they want.

Although all the charges against ex-VP Adeeb were dropped, clearing him from serving a jail sentence of 33 years, the state appealed one case regarding the MMPRC fraud at the Supreme Court.

The court ordered authorities to withhold Adeeb's passport until the conclusion of his trial.

Recently, Adeeb traveled to India for medical treatment with permission from government authorities while he was under house arrest, sending the public into an uproar claiming that the government was giving Adeeb a chance to flee.

After his arrival in Maldives, Adeeb tweeted assurances that he would not evade his responsibilities and that he intended to accept ongoing investigations. Adeeb also expressed his love for the country in this statement.