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Insufficient funds allocated for projects: Planning Minister

Raif Amyl Jalyl
22 July 2019, MVT 22:29
Minister of Planning and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam affirmed that 36 projects included in the budget were launched and underway presently. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Raif Amyl Jalyl
22 July 2019, MVT 22:29

Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam declared Sunday that insufficient funds are allocated for the development of many projects listed under the state budget approved by the Parliament for 2019.

The Minister revealed that the amount of funds to be allocated for each projects were not included in the listing under the budget. He further identified that the current budget for 2019 was submitted to the Parliament by previous administration and that there were challenges to continue development due to insufficient funding.

"There are certain projects that cost MVR 1 million", said Aslam.

He stated that it is currently not feasible to fund the advanced payment to contract a company for development projects.

"To initiate projects, we are organising them in order of the available funds in the budget", said Aslam.

The Minister affirmed that 36 projects included in the budget were launched and underway presently. He elaborated that the projects were all initiated due to having allocated adequate funds for them.

Projects included in the budget to be launched in 2019

- 43 harbours development projects

- 19 roads development projects

- 53 water and sewerage projects

- 39 clean drinking water projects

- 12 sewerage projects

- 20 beach erosion preservation projects

- 20 airports and port projects

- 20 land reclamation projects

According to the Minister, expenditure for the projects currently contracted to companies would cost MVR 1.3 billion. He further stated that the total cost would reach MVR 1.7 billion by taking previously contracted projects into account.

Declaring that the government would not neglect any projects listed under the budget despite insufficient available funds, he revealed that the administration's target is to launch the projects to at least reach a certain level of development if the budget schedules them for the year.

Aslam stated that projects scheduled for 2019 include moving the port from capital city Male' to Gulhi Falhu, and linking the two islands to Vilimale' and Thilafushi. While the Planning Ministry is compiling designs for the bridge and searching for a consultant, Ministry of Economic Development has begun the work to relocate the port.

The physical work on both development projects will begin next year.

"The next big project on the agenda is the development of Addu. We are currently working in accordance with the vision of Addu. Work is underway on preparing projects to accomplish this vision".

Additionally, the Minister highlighted that the 'domestic maritime transport' system to link islands as a big project currently underway.