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Maldives free of perinatally transmitted HIV, Syphilis: WHO

Aishath Nishdha Jinan
15 July 2019, MVT 15:52
Vice President Faisal Naseem accepting certification that Maldives is free of perinatal transmission of HIV and syphilis. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF HEALTH
Aishath Nishdha Jinan
15 July 2019, MVT 15:52

World Health Organisation (WHO), on Monday, declared Maldives free of perinatal transmission of HIV and Syphilis.

The testimony was presented to Vice President Faisal Naseem at an event held at Hotel Jen.

Maldives is the second country to receive the certificate in this region. Internationally, Maldives is the 12th country to receive the document. This marks the fourth instance the nation was able to eradicate or halt the spreading of a viral disease.

Previously, the country received certificates for eradicating Malaria, Filariasis, and Measles.

According to the Ministry of Health, work towards achieving the certificate began in 2014. A national validation committee was selected to make sure the work met WHO standards. They added that, in 2018, statistics were collected nationwide from pregnant women who had HIV and Syphilis.

The complete report was presented to the WHO in 2018.

A team from WHO monitored the programmes related to paediatrics, expectant mothers and sexually transmitted diseases.