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EC amends Bar Council election policies

Shahudha Mohamed
03 July 2019, MVT 20:33
Members of Elections Commission (EC) at a press conference. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
03 July 2019, MVT 20:33

Elections Commission (EC)'s member Ahmed Akram stated on Wednesday that the commission announced amendments regarding the Bar Council election on the official gazette.

The changes were brought to Article 17 and 22 of the Bar Council Election Act.

Article 17's amendment now legitimises the vote even in event that the ballot is cast for only one candidate running for one of the six positions.

Article 22's amendment states that a referendum vote must take place even if there is only one candidate contesting for a position.

Previously, if a candidate that met the criteria applied to a position, if there were no other candidates contesting, said candidate would be elected by default. This rule was applicable for all Bar Council positions.

Villimale' MP and former Deputy Attorney General Ahmed Usham expressed concerns over the regulation, stating that a secret referendum vote must be taken even in the case of a single contestant.

Akram responded by stating that Elections Commission would always congratulate constructive criticism of its operations.

EC opened for eligible candidates to submit their names on Tuesday night.

Maldives' first Bar Council's Executive Committee will consist of the President, Vice President, the standing Attorney General and an additional six members. With the exception of the Attorney General, all members will be elected by a vote taken amongst lawyers.