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Parliament passes resolution to ban single-use plastics by 2025

Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2019, MVT 16:47
A parliament session in progress. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2019, MVT 16:47

The parliament on Monday passed a resolution urging to ban single-use plastics in Maldives from 2025.

The resolution was passed with the majority vote of 64 members present in the session.

Under an initiative by Ghiyasuddin International School, students of 17 institutions submitted a proposition to the Environment and Climate Committee of parliament, highlighting the dangers of single-use plastic and listing out efforts by other countries in their fight to reduce plastic usage.

This is the first time in Maldivian history that a submission was made to the parliament by school students.

The Environment and Climate Committee analysed the proposition and submitted a resolution to the parliament floor on banning plastic in the country.

Noting that the main sectors of the country's economy such as fisheries and tourism were directly dependent on the conservation of biodiversity, the cleanliness of oceans and beaches and maintaining sustainable ecosystems, the resolution asserted that single-use plastics posed a great threat to the Maldives' fragile environment.

Therefore, the resolution urged businesses to stop the sale of single-use plastic bottles and straws.

Conducting awareness programmes to educate the public on refraining from using such products was also a key point highlighted in the resolution.

Moreover, the resolution called for the reduction in production and usage of single-use plastic bottles in Maldives, eventually banning them by 2024.

Plastic straws, supari packets and plastic bags are to be banned by 2020.

Calling for measures to be implemented in order to promote environment friendly products, the resolution petitioned to ban single-use plastics in Maldives by 2025.

The resolution concluded calling for relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure that the goals for reducing plastic use can be reached within the aforementioned time frames.

Some students who submitted the proposition to the parliament committee were in attendance at the gallery while debates regarding the resolution were underway in Monday's parliament session. They rejoiced and applauded as the resolution was passed, congratulating the MPs.