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Maldives parliament accepts civil service amendment despite opposition concerns

Mohamed Visham
14 June 2016, MVT 12:24
Lawmakers pictured during a parliament sitting. PHOTO/PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT
Mohamed Visham
14 June 2016, MVT 12:24

Parliament on Monday accepted the government proposed amendment that seeks to give the authority to appoint and dismiss permanent secretaries to ministers  despite opposition concerns.

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MP Abdul Latheef Mohamed proposed the amendment saying that closer collaboration between ministers and civil servant heads would mean better service for the public.

Permanent secretaries are presently appointed directly by the civil service commission. But if the amendment is passed, ministers will have the authority to dismiss the permanent secretary of their respective ministry.

During the parliamentary debate on Monday, opposition lawmakers argued that the move was designed to politicize the entire civil service.

However, pro-government MPs insisted that the amendment would assist the public service sector and ensure quicker services for the people.

The amendment will now be reviewed by the parliamentary independent bodies' committee.