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2 admitted in Manafaru's hunger strike

Shahudha Mohamed
30 June 2019, MVT 21:14
Emloyees of JA Manafaru. They are undergoing a hunger strike in protest to the management sacking a large number of employees. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Shahudha Mohamed
30 June 2019, MVT 21:14

Two employees of JA Manafaru were admitted at the island clinic on Sunday due to health repercussions following a hunger strike that ensued when the resort's management decided to sack a large number of staff the day before.

A source from the luxury resort reported that the fatigued employees were undergoing intravenous therapy (IV) on the island.

"Many of them have not eaten since yesterday. The redundancy policy is not just at all. Suddenly deciding to fire so many employees is an injustice to their families", an individual from the resort said.

One of the staff members who were admitted in Manafaru's hunger strike. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA

Manafaru's management reportedly decided to axe a large number of employees in a bid to cut down on operational costs.

However, one of the staff members argued that employees were not being dismissed in a systematic manner.

"Employees who have been here for two to three years get to keep their job but they have decided to fire some who have worked here for ages. There is no fairness in the process", he said.

"Despite being on strike, employees are not sabotaging the resort operations".

Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed is scheduled to visit Manafaru with a team from the ministry on Sunday night to listen to the staff's grievances.

Tourism Ministry guaranteed that the government will not hesitate to ensure the best interests of both the employees and management.

Unveiled five years ago, approximately 330 employees currently work at JA Manafaru Resort of which a reported 54 percent of staff are Maldivian nationals.