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Over 200 legislative bills to be submitted to parliament

Shahudha Mohamed
26 June 2019, MVT 12:35
Attorney General (AG) Riffath. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/ MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
26 June 2019, MVT 12:35

Attorney General (AG) Ibrahim Riffath announced on Tuesday that 201 bills and four amendments will be submitted to parliament under the legislative agenda of the current government.

Speaking at a press conference held at AG Office, Riffath stated that there are various laws that need to be introduced and outdated existing laws that need to be amended or nullified.

Additionally, he disclosed that 47 of the 201 bills will be submitted within the year.

"We will give special priority to amending the Decentralization Act. Along with it we will also submit a bill to amend the Prevention of Terrorism Act. There is also a bill related to income tax and bringing amendments to the Tax Administration Act".

Noting that some of the bills had already been submitted to parliament, AG Riffath stated that the bills on Presidential Commissions and legal professions were already approved.

Although the legislative agenda spans over a period of five years, Riffath stated that further reviews will be conducted according to the situation of the country.

"Common practice is to review the list once a year and bring about the necessary changes", he said.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's legislative agenda contains over 160 new bills introduced, focusing on 19 different sectors, in addition to amendments submitted to the constitution.

The amendments to be brought to the constitution include bills related to judicial reform, decentralization and amending independent organizations.