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Flight operation challenges in Kulhudhuffushi solvable: Env Min

Shahudha Mohamed
23 June 2019, MVT 15:56
Aerial view of the airport in Kulhudhuffushi, Haa Dhaalu Atoll. PHOTO: IRUSHAD
Shahudha Mohamed
23 June 2019, MVT 15:56

Minister of Environment Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan on Sunday stated that challenges regarding flight operations in the Kulhudhuffushi Airport, can be solved.

The airport in Kulhudhuffushi was built by reclaiming more than half of the island's mangrove wetlands, which is a popular bird site.

Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sent a letter to relevant authorities expressing concerns that the presence of birds in the area might pose challengings for flight operations.

Environment Ministry discussed the letter's content with Kulhudhuffushi Island Council. Some islanders expressed concerns with this development, alleging that the government is coming up with excuses to delay flight operations.

Minister Hussain told local media Mihaaru that the frequency of birds in the area is a cause for concern, but maintained that a solution can be reached.

Noting that every airport in the country faces the problems of birds, he assured that a way can be found around the matter.

"The government plans to use the airport. We have not reached the situation where the airport cannot be used due to the mangrove", the minister said.

The Kulhudhuffushi Airport currently has a single runway, while the construction of the terminal is underway. Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation stated that flights operations will begin shortly.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government allocated MVR 1.5 million for this year's budget for the completion of the airport project.