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Addu City to ban single-use plastics

Shahudha Mohamed
20 June 2019, MVT 18:41
Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodiq (Sobe') speaking at an event. PHOTO: ADDU CITY COUNCIL
Shahudha Mohamed
20 June 2019, MVT 18:41

Addu City Council, on Tuesday, passed a resolution banning single-use plastics in the city effective onwards from June 5, 2020.

The seven members of the city council unanimously approved the resolution.

Speaking to local media outlet Mihaaru, Addu City Mayor Abdulla Sodiq (Sobe') asserted that the fight against single-use plastics would be given top priority by the council.

The mayor further stated that guaranteeing Addu's status as a single-use plastic free city and ensuring the protection of both land and marine areas were key objectives for the Addu City Council.

He revealed that the government's initiatives against single-use plastic played a key role in encouraging Addu City Council to carry out similar efforts.

Noting that the usage of plastic water bottles and shopping bags was a major part of the plastic problem in Addu and the rest of Maldives, Mayor Sodiq expressed the necessity of halting the use of such products.

Additionally, he stated that efforts to ban single-use plastic would be carried out in partnership with institutions, businessmen, resorts and guesthouses based in Addu.

"We want to enact rules and regulations which people will follow, and will properly be implemented. We have already set some deadlines. However, something like this cannot be achieved without full cooperation from everyone".

"Even now, the water companies in Addu are not closely associated with single-use plastics. There are many businessmen who want to stop using plastic bags as well. We can find more environment-friendly alternatives." stated Sodiq.

Noting that the educational curriculum did not cover issues such as waste management and plastic pollution to a satisfactory level, Sodiq emphasised the importance of raising awareness among school students.

"In our efforts to reduce single-use plastic and waste we will try to raise awareness about such issues among students. This will bring about a positive change that will benefit the entire society."

Mayor Sodiq stated that Addu City Council had always prioritized environmental protection and took waste management problems very seriously.

The council previously placed dustbins in various areas and erected signboards to raise awareness on littering. The council also hosted a palm planting programme to celebrate World Environment Day 2019.

The palm planting programme carried out in wards of Addu City. PHOTO: TWITTER

Expressing his belief that the city council must set a good example, Mayor Sodiq revealed that the city council's secretariat had stopped using single-use plastic two years ago. He stated that other institutional offices would be encouraged to implement similar policies.

Moreover, the council plans to hire municipal inspectors to ensure the city's cleanliness assess whether environmental goals are being met.